Rise Maui LLC

Theodore –

Victim Location 96778

Total money lost $29,500

Type of a scam Other

Scammer (owner of Rise Maui LLC) claimed to be hiring employees for boutiques she would be opening on the island of Hawaii under the name of "The Style Loft Hawaii" . She presents herself as a humble, unselfish, single mother of three to gain sympathy and trust. She interviewed me over the phone and said she wanted to hire me. She then emailed me two forms, an Authorization for Background Check and New Employee Contact form which requires the input of personal information. (I.e. Full name, address, social security number, phone number, birth date) She uses this information to apply for Personal Loans and Personal Lines of Credit at American Savings Bank without notifying the person whose information she used. She then met with me in person a few days later to continue the "hiring process". She offered a management position and claimed that a requirement for a management position in her company is to invest $15,000 in the company (Rise Maui LLC) with funds acquired by a personal loan/personal line of credit through American Savings Bank. The investment then entitles the applicant to a portion of every months profits. After this proposition she produced a contract in which states that the loan applicant forfeits their rights to the funds over to the company and the company assumes all responsibility for the repayment of this loan/personal line of credit.

She is deceptive and manipulates the victim into thinking that Americans Savings is aware of the contract and her business dealings. She would say "my personal banker" "the business underwriter" "the business manager" to give the impression that other professionals/companies are aware of her dealings.

I fell for this and took out the 15,000 loan at American Savings with her present and handed her the funds after the loan was cashed.

She strung me along for several days, in which she convinced me to take out another 10,000 from a PLOC to "take care of a shop errand" that she was unable to tend to being that she was in another state on vacation.

She retained all original documents regarding the loan and personal line of credit AND the contract between Rise Maui LLC and I claiming that she would make copies for her business records and would return them to me at our next meeting. Among these documents was a checkbook linked to my Personal Line of Credit which she used to write a $4500 check to herself and forged my signature.

I was told by a family member who heard about the situation that she was lying and has several cases/police reports against her for similar situations. I then went to American Savings to inquire and flag my account. No payments were made (first payment was due a couple days before I found out and went in) and I discovered the forged check.

She is preying on young women ( I am 19 and a friend who filled out the same forms but wasn’t approved for the loan is 20) to steal information, deceive, and steal funds.

I have filed a police report against her ID Theft and Forgery crimes.

I am also a mother and I believe she used this personal fact to play on my sympathies and earn my trust. When we met in person for the first time I met her youngest baby and she met my daughter.

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