Rick Thomas

Amy – Mar 27, 2020

Scammer’s phone 918-219-8107

Country United States

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

Initial means of contact Phone

Called and tried to get me to admit who i was. He became aggravated and told me that there were locating efforts and law enforcement was on their way to my residence. Said i have received several corespondence letters tellimg me what the call was about. He wouldnt give any info but kept insisting on me saying “yes” when he asked me if i was who he was calling for. I said no and to [censored] off and hung up. He then called me parents in another state and harrassed them the same way. He said he was with the county and was an investigator. Dont answer any questions for this scammer. Hang up amd file a complaint with the ftc like i did…Rick Thomas can ROT in HELL!

Douglas –

Victim Location 75093

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Beware – Rick Thomas called my stepmother twice claiming to work for Collin County. They told her they had people on the way to her house in Maryland to locate me (I live in TX). I spoke to the Collin County constable as well as TX district courts and they confirmed this was a scam. Anyone who receives a call from 1-877-676-3684 and they claim they work for Collin County, immediately report them to Constable Knapp at 972-881-3070.

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