Rick Collins

Hannah –

Victim Location 84780

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I posted on facebook about needing a job, someone commented and said to email this person because she is hiring a nanny, I emailed her and I shoudve known the job was too good to be true! she said she will send me a check of 2500 and I would keep 500 for myself and 2000 to pay for an artist painting they want in their new home, I already knew it was a scam and so I stopped responding, she then sends a picture of her sending a check and it was obviously a fake, so basically if I would’ve deposited the fake check, then the bank wouldn’t know until 3 weeks after, so I would pay the “artist” the $2000 and then I would then get a call saying I need to pay the bank back $2000 since it was a fake, IM GLAD I DIDNT FALL FOR IT

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