Revived Youth Reviews - Revived Youth Scam or Legit

Adrian –

Victim Location 01887

Total money lost $473.79

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Invites you to try product for just the cost of $4.95 for shipping. But buried in the offer is the fact that they will bill you after that. Then they continually send and charge your credit card for $97.22 and $92.30 for each of their products. When I tried to return and cancel future shipments, they would not credit my account for any items returned. Why should I have to pay for a product I do not want?

Tonya –

Victim Location 21093

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Claim to be able to purchase facial cream from Macy’s since they are closing. Pay only $4.99 in shipping.

2 products come in the mail and 2 weeks later, you get charged $92 for each product. Then additional $4.99 charge and $1.99 insurance charge. scam. I didn’t receive any email notifications. My credit card company declined to 2 $92 charges, thank goodness. I called the company and they said I had to mail products back to get refund. I said I did not agree to this. They said I did when I accepted the agreement.

Edwin –

Victim Location 94061

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Facebook ad offered free trial of Revived Youth Face Cream. Ad took to website:… or <span title="… />
Offered free trial (pay for shipping = $4.95) for cream, added on an eye serum automatically (for another 4.95). No e-mail confirmation of purchase sent, no terms and conditions visible. A few weeks later they charged a total of $180 to credit card. When I searched the name of the charge on my credit card statement, I found a pngage ( listed under a different company all together and listing terms that were not listed on original site. No answer from phone number. I tried e-mailing them with no response yet. My credit card company is disputing the charges.

I’ve attached a PDF I saved of the site after I entered my credit card information. They did not send me an e-mail confirmation.

Armando –

Victim Location 29440

Total money lost $11.89

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This disgusting company operates through multiple temporary websites that are advertised on social media. They show video of the product doing miraculous skin firming. One site falsely claims that the product got its start on "Shark Tank." Another site claims the product was endorsed on "The Doctors" tv show. The site I ordered from appeared to be part of I was led to believe that I was purchasing a miracle under-eye firming cream that produces immediate results. Instead, I received a jar of cheap face cream and a bottle of basic eye serum. I didn’t even order the eye serum, yet they shipped it and enrolled me in two separate auto ship programs. Luckily, I caught on to the scam before I was charged hundreds of dollars like some ladies were charged. I was charged two separate fees of $4.95 and a random $1.95 charge. The charges appeared from three separate companies. When I called to cancel, the representative said that I would not receive any refunds and that if I did not ship the product back that I would be charged $200. Another part of the scam is the "Risk Free Trial Offer." The 14 day trial begins the day that you order the product. I ordered on January 4th and received the product on January 13th. So, even I had intended to order their crappy jar of cold cream, I would have very little time to try it out before the trial is over and I’m automatically charged $200 per month. I read some reviews stating the person did not receive the product until the trial period was over. The scam site that I ordered from claimed to have a 100% money back guarantee. This is false. This is the website:

<span title="… />
I will be canceling my credit card that I gave them. This is a huge inconvenience, but I do not trust this company to have any access to my credit card number. I find it sad that this company preys on women. And I am so mad at myself for falling for a "miracle cream" product.

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