Reviews 911

Yolanda –

Victim Location 97756

Type of a scam Phishing

We use to have a small web site. It has been closed for over a year now and we only sell on venue sights like eBay to get rid of residual inventory we have. For the last few months approximately 9 months up to today’s date Aug the 2nd 2019 I have been receiving phones calls from 1-800-259-0284. They would call and try to imply they were Google or that they some how were affiliated with Google. The message they would leave would slightly change however still based on a negative review was left on our web site and we should call them immediately to have this resolved or our online listings would not be shown.

I would listen to the message and just hang up because I knew our web-site was closed & I thought they would go away if I did not respond. They did the opposite they called more times during the week or would call with a quick hang up as I did. Finally a couple of the messages said to press one to resolve or two to be removed from the list. I am not a fan of pressing choice numbers for some scammers have used that system to say you ordered something or gave them permission for something. Finally I did press number two to be removed from their list as they said they would. It did not happen, they still called but they finally left that number above 1-800-259-0284 EST. I tried calling it several times. Some times just music would come on or a voice message stating they were a company called Reviews 911 so please leave a message. So now I had two things a phone number and a so called company called (Reviews 911) On 7/25/19 a man answered and called himself Widmark. He said that they were doing us a favor giving us a courtesy call by calling us to inform us a bad review was left on our web-site. Knowing that was not true I called him out by questioning him and why would a company do such cold calling and scare tactics. I told him his company was more like Robo calls since they would call constantly leaving the messages. Needless to say after I gave him a piece of my mind I researched the 1-800-259-0284 and found out that I was correct. There were countless reviews that others have received the same message from the same so called company. It was sad to read that some had given them their credit card information and was billed for a service they did not receive. Others stated they found out that they Reviews 911 was the actual people leaving the bad reviews on these peoples web sites and then cold calling them for payment to remove it! One lady said she upset one of the callers so much that the caller from reviews 911 called back on her private cell number which was 718-306-7043 and the name showed it was a caller named Milana.

I write this in hopes that these scammers will be caught and that some information here may lead to their arrest. It’s sad to know that there are some people out there that will give them credit card information or have to listen to constant phones calls bothering you daily. I have turned my ringer off and left only my voice mail on so actual real callers may still get in touch with us. The silence is nice but it is a shame that we must live like this!

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