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Stefanie –

Victim Location 79701

Type of a scam Employment

I had received an email to my google account claiming that he wanted to interview me through google hangouts. I contacted a Mr. Abhay Kumar through google hangouts. We exchanged pleasantries & started with the interview. He told me about the company, benefits, and pay rate about the job he was offering. He asked questions about myself and my hobbies. After all questions were asked and answered, he told me he was going to forward the conversation to the Head of the Department to see if I was qualified for the job. He said was required to stay online 10-15 for that process. After he came back online, he then proceeded to tell me I was hired and then gave me a list of the equipment I needed because he was going to have the secretary send me a company check. He also says that that they were going to mail me a W4 form, company handbook, employment offer letter and HR document for orientation and training, to fill out & send back as soon as I can to get started on job so I can get paid.

After that, he gave me a list of software that I was able to purchase, with said company check that was to be mailed as well. After all was said and done, he says he will contact me tomorrow about the payment of the check and the company secretary will contact me via phone. When I came home to start looking up the software, I had noticed blogs about scammers connecting people through google hangouts and this where I am at now.

Brianna –

Victim Location 33713

Type of a scam Employment

Kelvin mcneil was the contact who said they had a new Houston office with a work at home data entry/hr position that would pay $20/hr during training and then $25/hr. He said they needed me to purchase office equipment including a Macbook and office printer, so they were overnighting a check they sent a fake check and then another check the following day I opened a checking account with check and they immediately wanted me to Belle the money to a Gmail address before the check had truly cleared. The check came back returned but they wanted me to immediately transfer the funds out of the account. They used the actual reliance capital website out of India to try to authenticate the job offer.

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 38016

Type of a scam Employment

They will ask you for personal information on the first interview like banking information and email address. I found this job on indeed ”work from home”. They will text you from one number but want you to chat through google ”Hangout” for a interview.

Justin –

Victim Location 77494

Type of a scam Employment

They sent me job offer through email. Told me they were sending check for computer and programs. Sent me a cashiers check for $4869.99 and told me to deposit it. The check was returned to my bank and I was charged $29.00 for a returned check fee.

Brittney –

Victim Location 44118

Type of a scam Employment

I am reporting a job scam. I had my resume posted on Last week I applied for about twenty positions. They contacted on Gmail. Reliance Capital located in Mumbai India. The message was from Mr. Randy Merket. He asked me to contact him through Hangout and call them. the owner would have time ti review my resume. They told me I had the position. I answered fifteen different questions on Hangout. I press an option on Hangout to reach them by phone and text. They asked me to tell me about myself. If I was currently employed. They asked me for my address. I received the check today Through FedEx. I received a check for $4890. The check was for a computer and scanner printer for me to purchase. $200 was for me. I asked why I was qualified to receive $200. I have not done anything fee. He replied it was a hiring bonus. I did not do anything with the check. They would pay $20 a week for training. After two weeks it goes up to $25 hour. My daughter in law went on a social media page and they found scam information. I texted Randy that me family found it this was a scam. He replied OK. .

Katherine –

Victim Location 21214

Type of a scam Employment

I was notified about recieving a job opportunity for a data entry position that I applied for on indeed. The email said I was picked for an interview and the interview was all done through google hangouts. I answered a series of interview questions, then the next day was notified that I received the job. Then was told that I would be recieving a check in the mail for $4,810 to order my supplies through a vendor. I thought that’s was weird so I looked more into the job online and realized it was a scam where many other people went through the same thing.

Jamie –

Victim Location 90008

Type of a scam Employment

Emailed about my application being viewed, steps to download google hangouts and be interviewed there. Very demanding and short worded answers. What company communicates through an app and conducts an interview ? They wanted me to deposit a check via email and electronically into my account. I told them I preferred mail and he (Mr Allen Murphy) didn’t want to do so. I realized that I was first emailed regarding "young ford" and later he messed up by sending me a briefing about "Reliance Capital" when I never applied for them. I asked for the website … no answer and then I googled them and did my research and came across them being a scam. I tried to get in contact with Allen again and he either blocked me or deleted something but the email was [email protected] be aware, I slipped away but some people are unfortunate. Its sad that people like this exist.

John –

Victim Location 48532

Type of a scam Employment

So I was contacted via text message that this company received my resume on line and wanted me to reply if I was still interested. The phone number that texted me was (712) 318-2776 under the name of Lilly G. Robinson from Reliance Capital Limited Company and also another text message from a Adriana Luciano from number (203) 491-5387. They said I needed to download Google Hangout’s to go through the interview process. So I did and answered some questions and within 2 days they said I was hired. I never received any phone calls or any paper work to fill out. All communication was through the Google app. So I received a check in the mail within 2 days of $4,957.00, I was told to deposit this check in my bank account. This check was strictly for the purchase of computer software 2016 Evaluation Guide to Cloud Accounting, Sage Pastel Partner Payroll HR, and Payroll Software. So after I left the bank, I had to send a picture of my deposit recite to a Rowland Rennolls via Google Hangouts, [email protected] is his Google name. So after I told Rowland that my bank has to put a 21 day hold on it, he said that was fine. I would just have to pay the cost to start up myself, then the company would reimburse me. So he asked me if I could put in $1500.00 to start the training process. I told him that I could only afford to spare $200.00. So he said that would work. So I asked him, what did I have to purchase. He advised me to go buy am I-tunes gift card for $200.00. This was to update the software on my apple mac book that he was sending me in the mail soon. I then told him that I would buy the gift card, when I get the computer in the mail. He then said that I have to buy the gift cards today so that the tech can download the software before they ship it out. So I told him that I don’t get paid for another five days and can not purchase the gift cards. And that was all I heard from him. And I know for a fact that gift cards are used to buy games, music, books, and movies on I-Tunes. It does not need gift cards to download software. And plus gift cards are non-refundable and can not be tracked.

Allen –

Victim Location 48239

Type of a scam Employment

Sending back fake email telling u to go on an interview in Google hangout and contact Greg Cunningham

Jordan –

Victim Location 33625

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email to interview with Alexandra Morris (Mr.Morris) @ [email protected] via Google Hangouts. I contacted him as instructed. He proceeded to offer me a job for $25 an hour working from home doing data entry for Reliance Capital, a constituent of Nifty Midcap 50 and MSCI Global Small Cap Index.

When I questioned what equipment I would need, he advised the company would send a check and "The check for your working materials will be mailed out to you today. You should be having the check in your mailbox between the next 24-48 hours. I will provide you the FedEx or USPS tracking number for the check once I have it on my desk. When you receive the check, Head to your Bank or bank ATM and have the check deposited into your account, funds will be made available instantly or next day. Send me a screen shot of the deposit confirmation receipt with your account number hidden for record purposes". I would be buying a Mac Book and copier, printer, scanner (all in one), and I would also be provided a landline to communicate with a Supervisor for daily duties. He advised I would have to purchase the equipment from a ‘specific vendor’ because they would have to install the accounting software prior to me being able to work. He also advised someone would meet me in person to discuss the job more in detail. He asked for my full name, address, email, and phone number, along with asking me 10 standard interview questions.

I answered and told him to go ahead, that I was willing to work even though the red flags were up as soon as I messaged him on Google Hangouts. I went online and found similar reports matching the exact scenario ($25 an hour, purchasing a MacBook, interviewing with someone on Hangouts), although the business names differed, I knew this was too good to be true. Sadly, the people posting did as instructed, cashed the check, wired money to the ‘vendor’ and then the check bounced. I messaged Mr Morris immediately and told him I had read this was a scam and that I would not be cashing any checks mailed to me. He did not reply.

I received a cashiers check via UPS Red, from a Frank Valin in Canada the next morning in the amount of $3820.00. It contained a typed letter from a Gloria Macall whom titled herself a ‘payment officer’ requesting I get back to her via email with an explanation of how the funds were used, exact amount used and the deposit.

The business is a legitimate business, mainly in PA, but in Mr. Morris initial email he stated if I wanted to work from an office, I’d have to relocate to TX. The credit union (GEMC) that is listed on the cashiers check is also legitimate, but only in GA.

I am reporting this everywhere possible in hopes that others research prior to accepting any money in a personal time of need (such as looking for a job).

Johnathan –

Victim Location 19904

Type of a scam Employment

Dear Applicant,

Our recruitment team viewed your resume published on (Ziprecruiter) Application: Administrative Assistant-Office Assistant candidate and we are pleased with your qualifications,we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview.

We are pleased to invite you to an interview for the position. Your interview has been scheduled for, Monday, 5th December 2016 at 9:am (EDT)

Your details has been forwarded to the Personnel Manager Mrs. Abigail Robert, she would like to conduct an online interview with you to discuss your duties and pay scale with our company .

This is an immediate hire therefore, the interview is on Monday Morning 9am (EDT). You are required to set up a Skype account and download Skype or Gmail account then download Google Hangouts from your app store.

After this process, you are to add up Mrs. Abigail Robert on Google Hangouts and also send her an instant message on Google Hangouts, her Gmail is ([email protected]) to your buddy list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details. You can also contact her through Skype, her Skype User ID is (abigailrobert859). Thank You!

Report online by Monday Morning 9:am (EDT) for an interview. Do not email her.. add her on Skype/ Google Hangouts for an interview.

Please email me at ([email protected]) if you have any question(s) or need to reschedule.

We look forward to having you on the team.

Interview Scheduled : Online.

Time: Monday, 5th December 2016 at 9am (EDT)

Venue: On line Via Skype/ Gmail (Google) Hangouts

Training is Available

Human Resources

Your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position.

Best regards,

Human Resources Associate.

In regards to this I went online and talked to this woman Abigail Robert, she states that I qualify for the job and that I would make 27.00/hr. paid weekly. The company would send me an Apple Mac Book and a check that I would need to deposit in my account and then I would I would need to purchase some software from the vendor that they send to me for it. If you can send me a Mac Book then you should be able to send me the software without any money involved in the matter. This is very skeptical and I think it is a scam.

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