Reki infinity healer / Horizon Elixir LLC

Reki infinity healer / Horizon Elixir LLC Reviews, Check Reki infinity healer / Horizon Elixir LLC Scam or Legit
Derek –

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Hello my name is Angel Munro I saw this on Facebook the Reki Infiniti healer was interested in learning Reki I ordered the Reki Infiniti healer course as well as ordering another infinity healer instruments and beyond I was charge $47 for the first American 147 for the second American I sent it email stating I wanted to cancel cause I didn’t realize it was American funds but the next day I decided that maybe it happen for a reason and I’ll keep it so I emailed her right away and said don’t cancel it please I’d like to continue he cancelled it anyways there in two minutes and beyond and then blocked my Reki infinity healer course as well and only refund of the 147 American which came out almost 200 Canadian I then emailed him upsets and said fine just cancel all of it because now you’ve blocked me from the Reki infinity healer I cannot have access to it ignored me and then when I started by ordering another Infiniti healer so that way I can get access to it he immediately knew it was my email and blocked that so I sent him multiple emails stating that I want him to cancel both of them and send me the refund back on both Infiniti healer accounts with the same email and the same credit card he refunded the one in for the last month I’ve been chasing him to refi refund the other $47 where he sent me an email today that he is calling me basically stupid that he’s already sent the refund for both and I stated to him yet again with proof and pictures of my credit card and bank statements showing that there was two amounts taken out for $47 American and one amount for 4147 American I showed him that only two refunds were made and prove to him that there was still an outstanding balance of $47 he said he is not entertaining my emails any longer that the money has been sent and clearly the money has not been sense because now I’m contacting you guys I stated to him that I’m a single mother and I only have a certain amount of money and I didn’t realize it was an American funds or I wouldn’t have done that but I also wouldn’t have ordered another one knowing he would just block that account as well for me to even get what I paid for so I had to accounts blocked and I wasn’t able to even get the information and he still tells me he is not refunding me money that he does not owe me I have all the emails and approve on my emails I have my bank statements and my credit card statements that the money has been taken out and what has been returned which is outstanding $47 American please if you could help me rectify the situation as I’ve already gone onto social movie media to show people what he’s done to me before They decide to order anything from him so this doesn’t happen to anybody else

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