Regional Processing Services

Logan –

Victim Location 33168

Total money lost $527

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from this company named "Regional Processing Services LLC" to my cell phone back in August of 2018. They stated that they were a debt collector and were attempting to collect a debt I owed from a 2013 check cashing store loan. I asked them for more information pertaining to this loan as I have never received anything via email or mail not even a phone call before this. They said that they cannot disclose any other information as " I had been notified plenty of times through every mean possible" which is an absolute lie. I told them I do not feel comfortable with making a payment to them as i have no idea who they are and since they were not willing to give me more information. Upon telling the representative this she became very defensive and stated that if I do not make a payment then they will be forced to take legal action and take me to court and I will be liable for all payments and fees through the court system. I honestly did not know what to think and panicked upon hearing that so i made a payment arrangement with them. Once they received the final payment I called their office and asked them to send me a paid in full letter and soon after I received a shady email stating the full amount was paid but did not state how much I paid. Regional stated they will not send me anything else with any other information. I then called the original lender to see if they can help and they stated that they have no idea who this Regional company is and that everything they were telling me was a lie and illegal. The original lender told me the original amount of my loan was for $327. However this Regional company stated I owed $527 and when asked why the amount was more than the original loan they stated that it was do to added fees from my debt being sold off multiple times. I tracked down debt collection agencies that had my debt and later sold it which had been quite a few and all of them stated that it is absolutely and completely illegal for any debt collector to add any fees whatsoever to any debt owed. They also have no means to take any legal action whatsoever! I hope that this company is looked into and shut down. I am now disputing this charge with my bank as I was advised by all the debt collectors I spoke to. I really hope I get my money back as they took my money at the worst possible time. I hope this does not continue happening to people. Please be careful who you give your information to. I feel like an [censored] for falling for their lies.

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