Red Beard Welding

Cameron – Dec 04, 2020

Started dealings in Sept 2020 Nicholas Dale Welch (Red Beard Welding Co. Agreed with contract proposal. Signed it and gave $6300 to get started. Concrete forms set up first week of October. When forms were set gave $9600 for concrete. Concrete was sub to another contractor and was pour and finished same week. After pour gave another $10240 for materials. He was suppose to start building after concrete cured for 14 days.
Nicholas Dale Welch has never Ed returned ! Excuse after excuse after excuse. 2-1/2 months and I have NO materials or a building.
Beware of this scammer. I also wish I would of red this info sooner.
These kind of people need to be stopped. Saved along time to build this building only to be scammed out of my money

Cheryl – Nov 19, 2020

Wish I would have read these before trying to use him, thankfully I didn’t lose a lot before I backed out. He wanted a deposit because he told me I he contacted my city for a permit and had engineer drawings so I gave a deposit check for 1600 and after a few days of nothing I called the city to check and they had no information for him about my shop, my address, his name of anything. So after confronting him on it he started playing victim, had all this time and money in it but won’t show a single receipt or anything. And going on a month no plan to give any money back

Darren – Dec 11, 2020

Not sure why this says resolved, never got any drawings or any money back. He justified my 1600 for his time to come to my house. Never seen business done this way before

Lauren – Nov 19, 2020

Never done workfor the person above please post paper recipes. Showing names .

Sean –

Victim Location 75765

Total money lost $31,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I posted an ad on Facebook, looking for metal building contractors. Several replies mention this company & person. Later l, I found out they are fake people or his friends. Nicholas Dale Welch has a profile of his company on Facebook called Red Beard Welding Co., with lots of impressive videos & pictures. His personal Facebook, Nicholas Dale, shows a family & Bible verses. Started a dialog in 9/19 on Messenger. He was going to build us a garage/shop/office. By October, a concrete company, Merit Metal Buildings, was pouring the slab. They mostly did a good job, but made some serious mistakes, wrecked our fence & left dirt work incomplete. They said they’d be back to correct them & finsh dirt work. We are still waiting on them as well! During this time, the person we thought was a sub-contractor(his friend) showed up & had me write a check to the concrete company for $13,000 and another check for $18,600 for building supplies. With labor fees still owed, I thought it safe to do so. He cashed the checks right away and has now put us off for 2 months with many excuses, so we filed a police report. Found out he has a long rap sheet of scams & assault, some using other Business names. Patios & Pergolas was one of the former company names he used. Found 3 other people in the Dallas & surrounding areas that were also scammed out of lots of money with no work done by him in similar fashion. Do a search online for his full name and you will know!

Nicholas Dale Welch

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