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Mitchell – May 05, 2020

Very similar process for me, except they didn’t share any details for renting any spaces. They contacted me
Sent a Labour Agreement
Short Interview
Added me on Telegram
Then asked for bank info to deposit then withdraw currency (I stopped there)

Lee – Apr 28, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

Company found my resume on Indeed and contacted me for employment. They sent me a contract to sign and called me for a 5 minute interview and said i would go thru a 2 week "training" program. They asked me to set up an app "Telegram" to be able to send me my tasks. First task was to send them details to rent 2 spaces 700-1700 feet. 2nd task was to take out $50 out of my account and go to local bank (they provided) for me to convert to bitcoin and they would refund me in 2-3 days. They advised that their company deals in this currency and want to ensure i know how to do this. When i refused to do this task and questioned it, they asked why did i sign contract to work for them and said they do not want "lazy employees" and would terminate my contract. As soon as i advised i am not continuing with any training, then deleted all correspondence on "Telegram".

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