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Kathleen –

Victim Location 72110

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted by tech support march2 , 2019 about 7 am …stating that my internet software could be corrupted and that I was entitled to a refund. A protection plan that I purchased back in May of 2017… after giving them access it control of my computer it was brought to my attention that some of my programs have stopped and that I was in title to a $360 refund…. mind you during the process I was having issues with my keyboard and mouse so some of this typing was done on their end… I was also asked by the representative Alex Parker I believe is his name that if I do any online banking and if I would access it and yes it was access for both of us to see.

After some time has passed I am intering in my name and was to enter the amount of $360 when the keyboard got stuck on the three and made it for $3,360 …. so now $3,360 was submitted into my blue checking account which make him Furious, within 5 to 10 seconds later he came up the solution that I was going to go to Walmart and buy 3 $1,000 Walmart credit card or 6 $500 credit card, at this time I call my Arvest Bank from another phone and spoke to the representative and she did instruct me that the money was there pending and that it appeared to come from an actual account and that’s all she could tell me at that time. The tech support guy had instructed to stay on the phone until this process was done and that I was also advised not to access my account on any other computer or mobile device… so for whatever reason my phone had turned off making it impossible to call him back, its now roughly 830ish.I don’t know if he hung up on me or if my phone did a software update but by the time it came back on, everything on my phone was blurry and I had no apps for a long time…. (phone working now.) .it is now roughly 11:30 in the morning and I have noticed that the $3,360 is still in my blue checking account… but my primary checking account is now missing $3,360 I don’t know how they were able to access this account other than when I left for the bank I did not close out any apps on my main computer…..(i was told it keep my computer running)

I told the bank manager what was going on and she too thought it was suspicious activity .I then transferred the $3,360 from my blue account into my primary checking account so no checks or transactions would bounce.

I was also instructed by the bank manager that I will need to change my password, and I’ve also have changed my security questions at this time…. after arriving back to the house I closed out of everything that was open to the computer and unplugged the internet cable and yes my bank was one of them that i closed.

From the time I left the house at 8:30 a.m. until roughly 9:30 there was no attempt on his behalf or mine to call Back…. And my phone logs will back that up.

roughly 930 -10 pm that evening.. the same guy called me back asking me where the money is… I told him it was kind of funny that it was deposited into my blue checking and you couldn’t stop the transaction or take it out from blue (the original account) but you accessed to my other checking account and took your $3,360…. so I proceeded to tell him you have your money…. and the new balance in my checking account is a reflection of that, he proceeded to tell me over and over that they have not received any money In their accounts. I repeatedly told him the money is not in my account I have proof and documentation of this because I visted and talked to the bank manager. I then asked him why he took the money out of this account and not the original blue account that it was transferred to and his reply was to something like " it didnt matter you had the funds to cover either way". I told him that his little scam is over with …and I do not care for you to further contact me or have the refund submitted to me…. he then threatened me with the IRS and that he will put a freeze on my accounts..

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