Range XTD

Robin – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 62018

Total money lost $58.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Range XTD is a fraud/scam company that is stealing from anyone that orders from them. Their phone numbers are fake. They won’t refund your money no matter what. They flat out refuse. They offer a discount instead of refund/cancellation. They could have cancelled my order and refunded my money but lied and said it was already shipped, which is not true. The tracking ID numbers they gave me are fake. No such numbers exist. I emailed them in plenty of time to cancel (less than one hour after purchase. And I have proof.) but they claim they magically shipped it in less than 24 hours. Not so. They also said if I want to return the order (that has not shipped and most likely won’t, according to hundreds of complaints posted online) that I must pay return shipping. And why is that? Because they ship from one address and then ask you to return the item to another shipping address in a completely different state so you can’t use the free return method of "Return To Sender." And that’s a scam in its own right. This company needs to serve time in prison for stealing hard-earned money from people that can’t afford to lose one dime, especially during a pandemic. I’m calling the FBI. And since they’re actually in Hong Kong, I’m contacting Digitpol. They need to be stopped immediately. For every second this company is allowed to exist is they are most likely stealing from hundreds of people. The website is also designed to steal from you. It never allows you to see your final cart and submit order. It will offer you two different products to add to your order at a discount, but you can’t get past them to the final cart. And when you try to back browser it shows your order is complete. That’s criminal at best. It’s time to send these crooks to jail for a long time. I say a year for every dollar stolen should do it. Warn your friends and family about this fraud/scam company and stay far, far away!

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