Ramsey French Bulldog Farm

Kathryn –

Victim Location 20706

Total money lost $850

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking to buy a French Bulldog puppy online and came across a website called Ramsey French Bulldog Farm. I looked at the website and saw a number of puppies listed on there. They were all 12 weeks old and cost $700, only one was $800. Plus a $150 cost for shipping. The web page had testimonials, pictures, shipping information, background story of the owners and much more.

It all appeard to be in order.

I sent an email late at night asking if the puppy (Nania) was still available and how would I go about buying one. They said it could be sent by ground or air.

They sent me about 5 more pictures of the dog along with a letter describing her and how she is trained and how their kids and grandkids play with her.

We went back and forth via email and a few text messages all happening pretty quick.

“Ramsey” said that in order for them to ship it I would have to pay the entire amount, a total of $850 via MoneyGram. I was sent emails and detailed information about all the steps to take.

I was told to send the money to Adrian Jones in Foxboro, MA. and email a clear picture with the reference number.

I sent the picture in an email and they sent an email back saying they’ll be sending me more information. The next morning i received an email saying they were on their way to get it registered and start the shipping process. They sent me an email with a tracking number a 1-800 number to call and a link to a website which was supposed to be the carrier. The website is https://www.globalsfreightshipping.com

I clicked on the link to the website and entered my Tracking number.

All the information was there and it even included the airport name.

However there was one part that read

“Refundable Insurance Needed” “contact us by email on how to pay”

And it listed an email.

I called the 1-800 number, on Saturday around 2pm and they said I had to pay $940 dollars for a “temperature controlled” special cage and that money would be refund it to me as a money order when i get the puppy at my door. They asked me to once again go to a MoneyGram and pay to an “Agent” who was handling the process. I had to send a picture of the reference number to a Alexander Redmond also in MA.

At this point i contacted the seller, Ramsay Hardaway, through email. Who said they were sorry and even offer to pay $300 if i paid the rest but i had to pay them back once i had the puppy and my “refund”. No money was sent to me. All i was told is that they paid the agent the $300 already and now i only had to send them $640 through the same agent.

I refused and texted them i felt like i was getting scammed. I asked for my money back but didn’t get an answer through email or text. I called the one number i had and no one answered.

I printed an email invoice they sent me thinking it was all legit. I lost $850 and I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting the puppy.

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