Kevin –

Victim Location 88312

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I tried to contact Microsoft support at a number listed on my computer: 855-517-2459 which somehow must have been compromised.

After visiting with a man who identified himself as Robin Mark and said he was a tech for Microsoft I allowed him remote access to my

computer. That was my first mistake as he looked around and said I had viruses and he would need to check with a partner company

named Radicon out of Ocala FL and see if they could help me. It got very detailed and he assured me he didn’t work for them but if I would give him 45-60 minutes to let a team of professionals fix my critical problems in the computer, he would then call me back and arrange for me

to pay for the service. Red flags did kind of go up but I fell for the scam anyway. After I hung up the phone for the last time, I realized I had more than likely been victimized. I then started protecting myself by freezing a bank account, calling the credit card company to tell them about the

scam, etc. Basically, he had set up malware on my computer and he would have held it ransom if I hadn’t immediately taken action to remove the viruses. I reluctantly contacted Microsoft but this time through the computer and after they saw my problem they did arrange for a session

to help me get my computer restored to normal.

Microsoft informed me that they didn’t have a service that would cost more than $149 per year and no multiple year subscriptions were offered. The scammer offered me 3 plans up to five years and even said he could discount the plans since I was over 50 and also he could give me

a better deal and add two more years for the same price since I had been patient and easy to deal with. Duh, but by then I probably was in

trouble anyway as he had already installed the viruses. He charged me $299.99 and had originally offered me plans for $249, $299, and $349.

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