Publisher’s International Reviews - Publisher’s International Scam or Legit

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 75766

Total money lost $7,439

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My wife had won a second prize of $525,000 and it was a late claim. It had been processed earlier in the year and they hadn’t been able to contact her. The guy that called said he was from the FTC and sounded very official. Another man that was with Loans of London need $500 to insure the prize money until it could be sent to us. They were to deliver it the next day or two. They wanted $2,800 more and deliver it the next morning. The next day they said they needed almost $1,400, but I didn’t send that.

Lisa –

Victim Location 31021

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Consumer received a call from Brad Whitaker at (202) 609-7395, claiming to be with the Federal Trade Commission. He stated that she had $450,000 of unclaimed winnings with Publisher’s International. In order for her to claim her money, she needed to change her phone number and call, from her new number, Publisher’s International at (702) 906-0996. Upon changing her phone number, the consumer called and spoke to Frank Nelson, who claimed to be the CEO. He gave her the claim number BF69578, and said that there was no charge, except for Refundable Delivery Insurance fee of 1%, totaling $4500. When the consumer stated they could not pay that, the CEO offered to contact some charities to sponsor some of it. He then called the consumer back and claimed they only needed to pay $1000. The consumer still said it was too much, so the CEO stated he would try to get it down to $500.

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