Roberto –

Victim Location 77868

Total money lost $212

Type of a scam Credit Cards

When I noticed two different fees from two different companies by the names of Proserum and Beautyvisage, along with two different amounts Proserum $109.00/Beautyvisage $103.00. I immediately went to the bank and filed an affidavit on July 7 of 2016 stating I did not make these charges. My bank refunded the money back to me on July 20, 2016. Along with these charges, I noticed four other charges later from these two companies on July 16, 2016 in the amounts of $.99 $3.96 $.99 $3.96. On Sept

My bank had given me the information of these companies and I called them and they were rude, and stated they did not have to refund me anything even though I never ordered a product from them, nor ever received anything from them. I asked the company who signed for the so called packages and the reply was that no one signed anything stating proof of any type of delivery. On Oct 5, 2016 I noticed my credit union charged $109.00 and $103.00 back to my account on Sept 23, 2016.

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