Professional Fundraising Association, LLC Reviews - Professional Fundraising Association, LLC Scam or Legit

Desiree –

Victim Location 72703

Total money lost $5

Type of a scam Charity

Gentlemen asking for check/cash donations for "care package" for service men/women. Had various laminated cards of information varying from items included in a care package and price listings to complete a care package. The gentlemen informed me my neighbor had donated half of its "premium package" and asked that I provide the rest; this package was listed as $156, the cheapest package I recall was $40. He was willing to give a receipt for any donation; until I offered him $5 cash and he said he would no longer be able to give me a receipt, said I could take a picture of the receipt for business information and thanked me for my donation. The gentlemen consistently stated that today was the last day and that I needed to hurry before time ran out. He continued to state that they do this every year and asked if I recognized their efforts from previous years and if I would be in the area to participate again next year.

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