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No more separated laundry for different colored apparels with the Anti-Dye Laundry Absorption Sheet. Life will be so much easier when you can bundle all your laundries in the washing machine together without the worry of them coming out in a different color. It traps loose dyes in your wash water to solve mutual cloth dyeing and preserving its original colors.

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This new revolution for your laundry saves so much of your time and money by allowing mixed laundry in just one washing. It’s ideal for washing loads containing dark and bright colored items with quick absorption of loose dyes released during washing.

These sheets are specially designed to work like a sponge and to keep the color vibrantly new while brightening the white clothes. It’s suitable for any water temperature and a must have for any household.


  • Effective absorption and trapping of loose dyes in laundries
  • It is made durable and tough
  • Avoids light colored clothing from fading and keep dark bright colors more vibrant
  • Protects the cloths from discoloration and aging as it locks the color during wash
  • Works well on all fabrics . at all temperatures and with all laundry products
  • Allows washing of multiple colored clothing
  • Saves water . electricity and time


  • Material: Viscose fiber
  • Weight: 27g

Package Content:

  • 24pcs Washing Machine Anti-Dye Color Absorption Sheet


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