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Looking for a Viking drinking mug to bring you back to the medieval ages? Look no further! Here is search ends. Made from 100% Real OX Horn Imported (Made in India) Exterior: polished finish Interior: Waterproof Ordered Item may not be the same in shape and color texture as two horns are never same MEASUREMENT Size: 6 Inches (Approximately).The viking drinking mug has been polished and sealed to keep the horn beautiful and leak free. Each tankard is uniquely designed . no one horn is identical.These medieval Viking mugs hold 20oz. of your favorite mead . ale . beer or lager; and when you’re done drinking . slam it down like a real vikings.Whether you want your husband . boyfriend or best buddy to calmly enjoy a beer in his backyard . summon lightning like Thor . impress friends or have a blast while watching GoT . our mug will get the job done. Get it now!


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