Vegetable and Fruit Slap Chopper – USA Big Deal


The Vegetable and Fruit Slap Chopper is the fast . easy way to chop . mince . slice and dice all Vegetables . Fruits . Dry Fruits & Cheese with just a tap. Faster than a knife and easier than a processor. It’s so easy . simply place your food in the enclosed base or on any cutting board. Place the Chopper over the food and tap the plunger down.The six blades chop your food quickly . tap even more for finer chopped foods! Works with foods from soft to hard . thick to thin! Make a salad in seconds . toppings for ice cream sundaes — even chop ice! The Chopper does it all.


  • Easy & simple to use: you never need to switch blades.
  • Chop up vegetables . nuts . & fruits . quickly and easily.
  • For Thick to Fine Slicing.
  • For finer cutting Slap the chopper some more times.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Chopper easily pops open like a butterfly for easy access while cleaning!


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