UV Sanitizer Toilet Motion Sensor Light (16 Colors) – USA Big Deal


ThisUV Sanitizer Toilet Motion Sensor Light is notjust a night light! With a built-in UV light . it kills more than 99% of germs and viruses found in the toilet bowl. Once we leave the toilet . theUV light will start and work for 2 minutes following the LED light turning off.

The light is motion-sensored! The toilet light turns on when we are 3-5 meters away. Noneed to turn on the full bathroom light and affecting your eyes in the night. The light features 16 different colors that will change the look of your toilet automatically.


  • Dimensions: 70 x 65 x 25mm
  • Lumious Colors: 16 different colors
  • Batteries: 3 X AAA (not included)
  • Easy to Install: Just clip it on to the side of your toilet

Illumibowl is a night light for your toilet bowl to stop you ...

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