UV Electric Ozone Sterilizer Lamp – USA Big Deal


ThisUV Electric Sterilizer Lamp usesUV-253.7-band radiation to directly destroy the DNA and RNA structure of bacteria . viruses . and other microorganisms.This lamp is can be used in multiple locations: toilet . toy boxes . shoe closet . etc.Up to 99.9% bactericidal rate . it can kill all harmful bacteria and make you feel at ease!This product can sterilize most articles within a distance of 30cm.


  • Precautions: Do not let come in contact with water. Keep away from children.
  • Power Supply: 1 X Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Size: 19 X 13 X 3.5cm
  • Package comes with: 1 X Toilet Sterilizer Lamp and 1 x USB Cable
  • If using for a Toilet:
    • 1. Put the toilet seat and toilet lid on
    • 2. Install the product after drying with alcohol or a clean cloth
    • 3. Lift off the back of the base . center the product in the middle of the seat . and press it on the toilet lid for more than 20 seconds.
    • 4. Rotate and remove the body after pressing
    • 5. After the base and the toilet lid are attached for 24 hours . install the body according to the rotation direction.

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Pro Sterilizer UV Ozone Sterilization Lamp for Toilet Wardrobe ...


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