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The only way to keep yourself warm this winter!

Please refer to our size chart below before ordering.

Don’t let low temperatures take a bite & ruin your winter!Putting on tons of clothes is not the solution . either. Get a vest thatkeepsthefreeze away from youaltogether .without needing any extra layers!Introducing our Smart Heated Vestitkeeps youwarm whenever . wherever.

This vest was made specifically torestore your body’s vitality . relieve any muscle pain . and promote blood circulationwhilekeeping your body warm and cozy. Thishigh-end heated material enablesquick smooth electric warmth without radiation.

Adjustable– Small breeze to artic snowstorm . simply choose the setting that works best for you at the time.

Instant Warmth– Defeat even the coldest weather simply with the press of a button.

Rechargeable-Simply plug any regular 5V power bank you would use to charge your phone & enjoy up to 10 hours of warmth & comfort. Unplug and charge at home when finished

Adventure Proof– Great forriding . skiing . rock climbing .fishing.

Temperature Settings

Red Light (flashes)-automaticheating
Red Light-manualheating .hightemperature
White Light-mediumtemperature
Blue Light-lowtemperature

Please note: This jacket CAN BE USED WITHANY PORTABLE POWER BANK 5V BATTERYavailable in the market. This offerDOES NOT currently come with a BATTERY due to shipping regulations.


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