Universal Sweeper – USA Big Deal

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Dust Cleaning Sweeper is a dusting attachment that works with most vacuum cleaner. It features dozens of individual suction tubes that are small and flexible.

  • The cleaner can be attached to various vacuums . like your household or car vacuum cleaner and so on. The blue part is detachable to adapt with smaller or bigger hose.
  • Features long and flexible tubes which acts like a brush that can sweep or dislodge dust and other small debris particles . you can use it to clean your draw . corners . even your pets.
  • Just connect this to your vacuum and you can clean as seen as on TV . flexible tubes . strong suction and long size all of this can impress you deeply.

  • Micro-size suction tubes is made of soft . high-quality plastic. High-quality hose will not break easily. It is durable and ensures that the pipe will not fall off during use.
  • Comfort and control of the handle Ergonomic grip . compact and lightweight . the user can easily remove the dust in the house.

  • Vacuum cleaner attachment makes you more convenient . you can clean difficult area easily without moving things . clean clearer and save you a lot . this dust cleaner can impress you deeply and you will happy for your purchasing.Dust cleaner is a handy tool that can help you a lot and save you a lot of time. You can use the vacuum cleaner attachment to clean your sofa . drawer . bookshelf . your car and even you pets. Handy and convenient.
  • Vacuum cleaner attachment . dust cleaner . dust cleaner pro . dust remover . strong suction . long and flexible tubes and strews . dirt cleaner . dust dirt brush . vacuum cleaner accessory . universal attachment . reach to difficult area.


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