Universal repair glue – USA Big Deal

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Quicklyget back on road andpatchyour tireswith easewith this amazingUniversal repair glue.

No need to goto an automobile shop while in a hurry and those whodon’t have any spare tireorcan’t change a tire?C this mighty glue is thebest helpyou can find!

It is aninexpensiverepair glue kitthat canfixabsolutely anythingfrombicycle tireto largetruck’s tire and other stuff! Absolutelyeffectiveandconvenient!


Fast Repair and Curing-It works well in any type of tires with strong adhesion . tubed or tubeless.

Waterproofand temperature resistant-Water repellent does not disintegrate with water.


Wide range of application-It can be applied to different types of tires and other kinds of stuff.

Safe and easy to use-ThisUniversal repair glueis anon-toxic .non-hazardous .andnon-flammablewith an environmentally friendly formula plus . itdoesn’t stick to hands.

    Volume: 50 ml
    Shear strength:22 (MPa)

    1 x Universal repair glue


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