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Now we have two versions of the AmeniteeUniversal Angularizer Ruler .different options are different in price.

A. Made of durable plastic . color yellow . 14.99USD.

B. Fully metal components . color black . made of Aluminum . 19.99USD.

The AmeniteeUniversal Angularizer Rulerwill help you complete numerous home projects in no time. With theAmeniteeUniversal Angularizer Ruler . you can measure awkward and hard to trace angles become effortlessly. This remarkable tool handles all sorts of measurements easily- including plumb cuts . radius cuts . bulls eyes

Main Features

  • It slides and locks into any desired angle to save you time on repetitive measurements. The four-sided ruler mechanism slides and locks into any desired angle as a reusable stencil for endless applications.
  • Great for brick . stone . tile . lumber . laminate and any other material!
  • Create layouts in tile . brick . stone . lumber . laminate and more! The ruler is handy for creating bull eyes . arches . plumb cuts and any project you can think of.
  • Made of fiberglass-filled nylon . the Domomis tough & durable to outlast any job . yet light and compact enough to be easily portable.

Why do you need Universal Angularizer Ruler ?

– To make your cuts with extra precision

– To save time and materials

– Our angle ruler is carefully designed to improve your productivity

    When do you need the Universal Angularizer Ruler?

    – For any project that requires a template or precision cuts on awkward corners . whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior

    – Ideal for radial cuts . accurate tile laying . brick splicing . plumb cuts and more

      Benefits of Universal Angularizer Ruler:

      – With our durable and flexible Universal Angularizer Ruler – there’s no more guess work.

      – Easy to read . dual calibrated ruler . adjustable to any shape you desire . will help you make the job done right.


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