Transforming Tote Bag to Trolley – Imxgine

$47.98 $21.94

This totebag incredibly and easily transforms into a trolley with two wheels. with the simple use of a zipper.It can be used daily for grocery shopping . moving . and more/


  • Hide the wheels.Easilyretractthe wheels for use when carrying your tote bag. The wheels stay hidden well under the bag.
  • Easy to use.Thezipper at the top of the bag provides convenience.
  • Multi-function.The tote bag turns into a trolley with the simple use of a zipper around the bag. If you have heavy items to carry . the trolley with wheels becomes an easy solution.
  • Large capacity.While this looks like an ordinary yet stylish shopping bag . it can carry up to 90 lbs!
  • Metal insert.The shopping bag is equipped with a metalinsert to stabilize the body of the bag.


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