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Finally . an upgrade on the traditional water bottle!

Get heat where it’s most needed with this 75cm LONG hot water bottle with a wearable strap.

The strap can be tied tightly around your shoulders and tummy . helping comfort aches and pains. Stays warm for up to 6 hours with less than a kettle of water. Washable soft fleece cover up to 30 degrees. Made with Natural Rubber – NEVER with PVC.

Great for soothing areas such as the spine . neck and shoulders . or just to cuddle up to in bed . warming your whole body.

“I have spent years putting numerous hot water bottles into my bed just to keep warm at night as i suffer with chronic rheumatoid arthritis but now all i have to do is fill my body bottle and it keeps me warm from head to toe i can also use it outside with its convenientdesign i can wear it like a scarf and it keeps the worst of the cold weather at bay…. I love it I love it I love i!” Rachel.


  • Eco-friendly light velvet case . environmentally friendly printing and dyeing ensures no bad smelling odour.
  • 85cm long and 12.5cm wide design . to make sure all body parts are covered!
  • Inner liner is made of coarse grain texture . which is more conducive to the heat dissipation. At the same time . the thickening design is combined to keep the heat longer.
  • Versatile use: It can be used for warm hands . warm neck . warm waist . warm back . etc. It is also a perfect gift!


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