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These Super Sticky Gripping Pads let you stick any object to any surface without the risk of damaging it!

You’ll finally be able to say goodbye to using a hammer and nails on walls you don’t want to damage. You can stick anything on any surface without leaving any residue or damage.

The pads don’t suffer damage from UV exposure or high temperatures and will last a lifetime!

They’re super easy to use and will stick to any surface.

You can even cut the pad to the desired size you need. Just peel . stick and grip!

The possibilities are endless!

Great for decorations . posters . cell phones . tablets . and so much more!

Each pack has 10 pads!

EASY TO USE– Simply peel off the plastic from the pad and stick it anywhere you want. It will hold the object tight and if you are not satisfied . simply remove and reposition the way you want it.

EASY TO CLEAN– Just wash it with warm water and air dry it so you can reuse it again.

HOLDS IT ALL– Each pad holds up to 5 pounds . so you’ll be able to hang or stick any size or type of objects.

UNIQUE DESIGN– It is designed to leave no sticky residue and can be removed easily with ZERO damage.

You’ll get 10 pads so you’ll have plenty of options for how to use the pads.

Grab onetoday and take advantage of our limited time 50% OFF offer!


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