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Our Pup’s are so full of energy it could get tiring for us! They love playing . tackling . biting and everything else!

The Suction Pup TugToy is a toy thatcombats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration! One end of the toy is a suction cup which you can place anywhere . the other end is a ball which your Pup plays with!


  • Sturdy – The suction cup is very sturdy and it is kept in place no matter how much pullig and biting your pup will be doing!
  • Great for teething – Not only does the ball help your teething pups . it also helps to clean their teeth and maintain them to be healthy!
  • Environmentally friendly – The Suction Pup TugToy is made out ofTPR and non-toxic polymer materialswhich areguaranteed safe for your dog to bite and use.


  • Colors – Red . Blue . Green


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