Steel 8” Chef Knife With Blue Resin Handle – USA Big Deal


What Makes It Special:
Our incredible 8″ Chef Knives are forged by folding famous VG10 “Gold Standard” Damascus Steel 33 times on both sides of the blade. This creates the beautiful and iconic pattern you see before you.
What Is VG10 Steel:
The G in VG10 Steel refers to the “Gold Standard” . and it’s easy to see why. Made in Japan . VG10 is incredibly high-quality steel . specifically able tosharpen to a finer pointthan compositions of Stainless Steel.

How Is The Handle Made:

Our handles are made of wood . which then undergoes a process known as stabilization. The wood is filled to the core with our beautifully colored resin . creating aunique and handcrafted grip every single time. This not only creates a beautiful handle that is unique to your order . but the resin providesbetter durabilitythan traditional wooden handles and is less likely to warp or crack.

  • Handle Material:Stabilized Wood with Infused Resin
  • Blade Material:High Carbon VG10 Steel with 66 Damascus Steel Layers
  • Blade Thickness:2.1 mm
  • Cutting Edge Angle:30??
  • Blade length:20.5 cm (8 inches)
  • Full length:33 cm (13 inches)
  • Blade width:4.8 cm (1.8′ – Widest point)
  • Net weight:200 g (7.05 oz)


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