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How fast can you spot the match?

Thinking of how to distract your kids from their growing addiction to mobile games? Keep your kids away from their screens and promote their observation skills with this interesting SPOT-IT Matching-Making Card Game!

It is a fast-paced card game that is all about spotting the image that matches two cards before everyone else does. This creative and engaging pattern recognition game easily grabs the interests of children while enhancing their reflexes in coming up with lightning-fast choices.


  • MENTALLY STIMULATING: This is a smash-hit game of speedy observation and visual perception
  • A FUN CHALLENGE FOR ALL AGES: Helps develop language and fine motor skills
  • PROMOTES FAST THINKING: This is a quick card game which improves the brain’s processing speed while having fun
  • CREATIVE: Each of these circular cards has exactly one of its symbols in common with another card . so the heart of the game will be trying to find the one common symbol shared between two cards

  • INTERACTIVE: The game encourages the players to use sharp eyes and fast hands as they watch their reflexes improve round after round
  • PORTABLE: It comes in a handy tin that makes it ideal for travel and playing on the go
  • WIDELY USED: Perfect for those who love board games . those who want to stimulate hand-eye coordination . and want some old school fun
  • VERSATILE: Suitable game for all ages

How to Play:

  • If you’ve never played or if you’re playing with people who’ve never played before . draw two random cards and place it face-up on the table between all the players
  • Look for the identical symbol between the two cards (same shape . same color . only the size can be different)
  • The first player to find the right symbol names it out loud and draws two new cards which are then placed face-up on the table
  • Repeat this until each player understands that there’s always only one identical symbol between two cards


  • Recommended Age: 5 years old and up
  • Number of Players Required: 2 to 8 Players
  • Playing Time: 15 minutes

Package Includes:

  • 55x cards


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