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Create Countless Amazing Designs On The Go!

Spirograph Travel Setallows you to create countless designs on the go! It’s a simple yet super fun activity that’s perfect for long road trips.The built-in storage tray makes this travel set easy to carry to school . friends . and grandma’s!

With this Spirograph Travel Set . you can make awesome designs anywhere and anytime.They give any art lovers the inspiration theyneed to create mind-blowing works.It is also a great gift to kidsand help them realize their creativepotential.


  • Travel-friendly:Includesa built-in design ring . work surface and storage compartment for holding your wheels . pens . paper . design guide and finished artwork.
  • Pocket Size: Compact sizing and integrated case allow for easy storage.
  • Aspiring Artist of All Ages:From spirals to loops . swooping curves to striking lines . this art set exposes you to a world of mesmerizing geometry and breathtaking complexity.
  • High-Quality Materials: Distinctive interlocking gears and wheels with premium quality which is durable and sturdy.

  • Fun and Creative:This means hours of smile-sparking . creativity-nurturing fun in one box.
  • Educational Toy: Foster kids’ perception of beauty . stimulate creativity and train kids to be more focused and attentive.
  • Great Gift: Delicate design with the box makes it a great gift and all boys and girls would love

Product Includes:

  • 6 Spirograph precision wheels
  • 2 design Pens
  • 24-page sticky note pad
  • Instruction/design guide


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