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Keep Fingertip Pain Away

Feel exhausted after peeling off pea shells for a while? The Soy pea peeler provides you a fast . effortless . gentle way to shell peas. Shell all varieties of peas or beans that can be hand shelled without any damage to edible portions!

You can now simply peel off peashells in seconds to quickly enjoy the food you like. Save time and labour-force with fantastic results! Make sure your beans are not under ripe or dry for optimal results.


  • Fast and efficient: it should be the fastest way to peel off pea shells . saving your time and energy
  • All-time comfort: peeling pea shells by hands can be painful to fingertips . but you can enjoy effortless peeling with soy pea peeler
  • Easy to operate: you only need to push the handle while rolling the handle to quickly finish the peeling
  • Keep clean: you can keep your hands clean and odourless without touching . peeling and squeezing the peas for too long

  • Common applications include peeling beans . soy . peas . etc.
  • No electricity needed
  • Will not damage soy beans & peas


  • Name: Pea Peeler
  • Material: PP
  • Specification: about 17*15.8*14.6cm/ 6.69*6.22*5.75in
  • Weight: about 405g

Package Includes:

  • 1 xSoy Pea Peeler


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