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Do you find yourself constantly looking for new ways of redecordating your house?

Need an afforable & quick way to make an old couch look brand new?

We introduce to you theSofaSpanx – Fit-All Sofa Cushion Cover!

The cover will make any sofa look brand new!


  • Slip Resistant ?C Convenientlystrapless and slip resistant with a sewn-in elastic bottom hem . which means that there areno straps needed to secure it in placeand itstays exactly where you want it to without shifting or moving!
  • 100% Hypoallergenic ?C Made fromskin-friendly and natural materialsto reduce the risk of any allergic responses!
  • Ideal Home Decor ?C You caneasily revamp your old and boring-looking sofaas this cover’s modern style willgive your sofa a totally new look to freshen up your sofa and living room!
  • Sofa Protector?C Effectivelycovers and protects your furniture from dust . stains . scratches . footprints . and every day wear and tearwhile offering a fresh look. Useful when you have kids and pets at home who can mess your sofa’s look!
  • Effortless Care ?C Not only will this sofa cover protect your sofa from accidental dirt like biscuit crumbs and daily wear and tear . but also it is veryeasy to clean . saving you much effort.Just machine wash . dry . and use again!




  • Single:90-140 inches
  • Double:145-185 inches
  • Triple:190-235 inches
  • Quadruple:240-300 inches

Available Colors:White/ Black/ Light Grey/ Navy/ Light Green/ Purple/ Light Blue/ Red/ Pink/ Cherry/ Brown/ Dark Green/ Orange/ Coffee/ Lilac/ Dark Red/ Dark Grey/ Cream


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