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Atpresent . there are many new wearables from top brands lunching their productsinto the market. The pair of Bluetooth earbuds is pretty supporting with thehelp of Bluetooth 5.0. These earbuds are controlled by AKG that has normallypartnered for the sound accessories. They have capability to last up to sixhours of audio on a charge or five hours of calls. With the charging case . youcan also extend the duration . which would get you up to 13 hours for audiostreaming or 11 hours of call time. Even 15-minute charging time will obtainyou 1.7 hours of playback period on these buds.

Moreover .you can charge this case itself by using the reverse wireless charging on thissmart device . so you do not have to depend on any power outlet to endurelistening. The smart watch is a new timing piece that comes with the excellentfeatures such as blood pressure monitoring. There are also some breathingexercises that support you to remain calm in the entire day. This smart watchalso provides the fitness tracking features with the automatic detection forthe activities like walking . running and also riding a bike. It also a featureof water resistant up to 5ATM of pressure . so you can also use it while go forswimming. You can even track as much as 39 various activities manually too. Itcomes with a resolution of 360×360 and battery comes in at 230mAh.


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