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When it comes to night fishing . especially float fishing . a luminous indicator is a must . but the only problem is that the luminous tube doesn’t have a long life-span . the brightness reduces over the time!

Well .theSmart LED Fishing Floatis a better invention for night fishing!

The LED indicator turns from green to red whenever there’s a bite or nibble from fishes!


  • Perfect for beginners . especially when the light intensity is low.
  • Automatically cuts off power whenever the float is being removed from the water.
  • Easier to detect any nibble or bite from the fish . the LED indicator turns from green to red.
  • Durable plastic material . anti-collision . anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • Replaceable3V #425 battery.


Material/s :LED . Optical Fiber . Bark Fir . & Nano Materia

Power Source :3V CR425 Battery(Replaceable)

Weight :1.8 g ?C 2.1g

Water Depth Suitability :3 – 6 meters

Rod Length Suitability :3.6 to 7.2 meters

Colours :Black / Green / Black & Red


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