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Lock the Freshness of your Food!

Keep your food fresh for a long period of time with the amazing Slide & Seal Bag Sealers!This ensures that air and moisture are kept out of the bag to prevent your chips . pretzels . snacks . cereal from going stale. It also helps in eliminating kitchen clutter and keeping your pantry neat and organized.

Whether you’re at home or in an outdoor adventure . you can count on this to provide you with a reliable way to save food for later use. The convenient design of thehandle of the sealers allows you to carry the bags easily. Made of durable plastic . this product can be used repeatedly for long-term use.


  • GREAT FOOD SAVER: Great for preserving unused portions of food
  • INNOVATIVE: The slide and seal technology locks in freshness by securing the entire opening of your bags
  • FRESHNESS INTACT: This reusable sealing rod prevents moisture and bugs from getting in your food
  • CLEANER SURROUNDINGS: Eliminates kitchen and garage clutter and keeps your pantry neat and organized
  • CONVENIENT: It’s easy to use and effortless to store; no longer will rubber bands pile up in the corners of your cupboards or will clip keep your drawers from shutting securely

  • EASE OF APPLICATION: The one-piece device slides onto the open end of any bag to lock and seal air-tight. It is freezer- and dishwasher-safe
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Seal chip bags . snack bags . cereal bags . fresh and frozen foods . baking . and dry ingredients bags
  • VERSATILE: It’s also perfect for garage items like birdseed . potting soil . and for outdoor camping . traveling . picnic . pet food . etc.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of high-quality food-grade material which is totally non-toxic . BPA free . odorless and reusable
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Its dimension allows you to store them in any kitchen drawer or cutlery tray with ease
  • PORTABLE: It comes with a handle for lifting bags conveniently . transporting them . and hanging it for storage


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Approximately 10?? long

Package Includes:

  • Bag Sealers (3pcs/ 5pcs/10pcs)


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