SkyCam Drone HD – Treasure Box Store

$199.98 $97.99

We’re introducing to you theSkyCam Drone HD!

It is the perfect for taking new . cool and perfect selfies!

TheSkyCam Drone HD is perfect for pictures as its wide lense captures everything around you!

TheSkyCam Drone HDis easily controlled therefore you do not even need any experience beforehand!

You are able to make extremely cool videos and pictures with it!

TheSkyCam Drone HD is amazing as it has a lot of different features such as :

  • You can take amazing pictures & footage of anything you want!
  • WiFi FVP which enables you to easily control your drone from your smartphone!
  • Steady flight & landing!
  • 6-Axis Gyro self-stabilisation technology!
  • Portable!


x 1SkyCam Drone HD

x 1 Remote

x 4Shield

x 1 Manual

x 1 Screwdriver & screws

x 1 USB

x 3 Battery

x 4 Standby A/b wind vane


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