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Take your hair care to the next level!

If you have been looking for a simple yet exciting tool to include in your hair care regimen . then the Silicone HeadShampoo & Bath Massage Brush is exactly what you need! This is an easy-to-use device that helps in the effective application of hair care products onto the scalp. Its soft comb needle will give you the most comfortable hair washing experiences!

This tool is specially designed for improving scalp health. By massaging with this tool . it will promote blood circulation and gently removes the dirt and dead skin accumulated on the scalp . resulting in numerous benefits such asboost hair growth . eliminate dandruff . and get rid of scalp troubles. This is absolutely a must-have item if you want to take your hair care to the next level!


  • Great Scalp Massage Tool:Relieves stress and headache . making you feel relaxed and refreshed
  • Effective Cleaning:It can effectivelyexfoliates and cleanses your scalpand distributes hair care product evenly on the scalp
  • Promote Hair Growth:Improves the supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the hair roots to promote hair growth
  • Ergonomic Design: It has a non-slip handle that is contoured to fit in the palm comfortably .makes it easy for you to hold and carry it anywhere as per your convenience

  • Good for those suffering dandruff and dermatitis
  • Gentle enough to prevent causing further inflammation of the scalp
  • This works as a great massager . especially for people who have trouble
  • Since this a handheld hair care tool . you can apply as little or as much pressure as you’d like


  • Material: Silica Gel
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Purple / Green
  • Size: 2.75?? x 4?? x 3.75?? (L x W x H)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Scalp Massage Brush


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