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Get Rid of Fragile Egg Shell

If you find it hard to peel an egg . crack itinto this heat-resistant Silicone Egg Poacher Cup and place it in hot water for a perfectly poached egg. Convenient handle makes it easy to transport from pot to table.

This poacher cup boasts three simple instructions: crack . boil and twist. Never worry about peeling the egg shells off your hard boiled eggs ever again or you can cook soft egg in the cup to make Egg Benedict.


  • Perfect egg: enjoy 0shell . 0 fuss and 100% perfect taste immediately after cooking without peeling shell off
  • Non-sticky:easy to remove eggs from the cups and easy to wash after cooking
  • Multi-functional: can be used for cooking eggs ranging from hard to soft . it is also ideal for cooking Egg Benedict too
  • Kid-friendly: your kids need no more extra time in peeling off egg shell . and it is easy to operated by kids

  • Made ofdurable . top grade silicone and an air-tight seal to prevent spilling and overheating
  • Fully made of high quality silicone and PP and free of BPA . PVC . lead . phthalate . and other toxins


  • Material: PP+ silica gel
  • Size: 6.3*6.3*9 cm/2.48*2.48*3.54″
  • Bottle diameter: lower diameter is 3cm/1.18″ . upper diameter is 5.7cm/2.24″
  • Color: red cover + white bottle body

Package Includes

  • 6pcs/12pcs Silicone Egg Poacher Cup


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