Screen Repair Patch – USA Big Deal


Need To Repair A Torn Screen?
Repair It In No Time!

Here is thesimple and easy solutionof thehighest-quality screen repair patch. It willsolve your problem instantly.Keep your home and family safe from bugsby repairing your door and window screens quickly.


  • EASIEST TO USE.No tools needed! Just place it over the tears and holes in your screen. The ultra-strong adhesive isusable for any screen surface.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY & ENERGY.Stop buying expensive whole screens just because of a small tear!Solve the problem instantly. These patchesrepair your screens almost as good as new.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS.The screen repair patchstrongly bonds with the mesh fabric. It can be used to repair window screens . door screens . patio nets . tent nets . pool screens . RV screens . camping tarps . and other damage.Perfectly matcheswith fiberglass screen doors.
  • DURABLE.These patches willstay on the screen for a long time .defying any weather condition! It hashigh-temperature resistance . making it long-lasting.


  • Size:4.8cm x 5.9cm


  • 5-pcScreen Repair Patch


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