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Get Every Drop From the Tube

If you want a really simple solution to the problem of toothpaste waste . then the Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer could be just what you need. It is a great helper for your bathroom and save your time when the toothpaste becoming run out. With this item . you can squeeze toothpaste effortlessly and save up to 30% of waste in the tube!

This product has the ability to work with just about every other kind of toothpaste tube .such ascreams . gels . hair tints . lotion . cosmetics and more. The rough handle increases friction to make it easy to turn. It also has a gripping finish on the bottom . which will keep them in place without falling down easily.


Saves Money – Get every last drop . saves up to 30% that is wasted in the tubes.

Compact – It has a compact so it needs less space.

Keep bathroom counter neat– Good toothpaste holder . helps to achieve a neater bathroom counter and reduce cluster

Easy to control– It holds and manages the distribution of toothpaste from their tubes a convenient undertaking

Wide usage?C Can be used not only for toothpaste tubes but also for other tube creams such ascosmetics . lotions . creams . and paints.

User-friendly design – rough handle and bottom part makes it easy to turn and stays on the surfaces


Material: ABS
Size:2.76″x 1.77″x 2.1″
Weight: 1.94 OZ
Colour: Red/White


1 X Toothpaste Squeezer


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