Robotic Bug -Toy For Cat – Nevaehdaisy

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Cats LOVE To Track These Because Of The Super Realistic And Unpredictable Movements! It’s a True Challenge For ALL Cats!

  • It Rarely Gets Stuck Due To The Constant Movement That Keeps Cats Entertained For Hours!
  • Rubbery Cover Is Enjoyable For Cats To Chew . Yet It’s Size Makes It Very Hard For Cats To Grip By Teeth Or Swallow. Holds Up Well Tooth And Claw!
  • Super Fun For Spectators!

Here are some tips and tricks for using it:

  • A Box – Put your Robot Bug in a box. It can’t disappear under the couch now . and it will be easier for your cat to capture it.
  • Fabric – Hide the Robot Bug under a thin piece of fabric . like a bandana.
  • A Paper Bag – Put your Robot Bug into a small paper bag and watch your cat respond to the noise and movement. Oh . this is really fun.
  • Plastic Bag – Try putting the Robot Bug into a zip-lock bag. Once inside the bag . you can put the Robot Bug on soft surfaces . such as the bed . and the toy can move . make noise . but won’t get lost.


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