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Let’s Protect &
Keep Your Stove Clean

Annoyed about stains around your gas stove? The better way to prevent burnt-on . greasy food messes from sticking to the top of our stove is to use Reusable Stove Top Cover.

This is a great invention because it helps protect your stove from excess liquids . crumbs . and any overall spillage. These are pre-cut for your convenience. They are non-stick so they are easy to wipe off so you don’t have to worry about any permanent goo. The idea is to keep your stove looking remarkably clean at all times.


Protect From Gas Burns Or Leaks – crafted from a special coating that is non-corrosive and resistant to high temperatures.

Keep Stove Clean Allows to sit completely flat on your stove and allows food and burnt-on messes to slide right off.

Durable And Easy To Cleanit prevents grease and oil from overflowing and messing up the surface of your gas stove

Hygienic And Safe To Use – Made of safe and FDA-approved components that will not emit harmful odor each time you use it.

Non- Stick Coating – prevents grease and oil from overflowing and messing up the surface of your gas stove.

Ease Of Maintenance – remove stains quickly and reuse it as it is durable and sturdy.

Easy To use ?C installation is a breeze to eliminate any problem with setting it up.

Dishwasher Safe ?C Can be easily clean by wiping or using dishwasher

Adjustable To Any SizePre-cut size for easy fit or simply cut to get the needed size.

Made Of High-Resistant Material ?C Can withstand high temperature up to 260??C.


Material:Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth

Withstands temperatures:Up to 260??C

Color: Silver / Black

Size:27 x 27cm

Package Includes:

2/4/6 pcs x Gas Stove Protectors


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