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Turns A Mess Into A Masterpiece In A Snap

If you’re lacking on kitchen storage space . it’s time to trick out the cabinets with this space-saving solution.Retractable Cabinet Spice Rack is designed for space-saving and most importantly makes your items organized.

This Retractable Cabinet Spice Rackeasily expands and contracts to fit into any cabinet or nook. Comes with two shelves that can be adjusted depending on the height need . you can simply stack them upfor more efficient use of vertical space!


  • U-Design ?CAllows you to store a large number of spices while being able to see all of their labels.
  • Adjustable Height And Width ?C Expand or contract to fit into any size cabinet
  • Holds a Variety of Shapes And Sizes?C Accommodates a variety of shapes and sizes to keep your containers together according to the contents they hold.
  • Assembly Easily?C Installation takes just seconds.Install it with ease using the shelf pins already present in your cabinet or the free-standing legs included in the pack.

  • 2 Shelves?CComes with 2 shelves . can stack them upfor moreefficient use of vertical space or put them side by side
  • Sturdy ?C Made of high-quality plastic . can hold up to 64 spices
  • Versatile ?CCan be used to storespices . pill & supplement bottles . fingernail polish . crafts and more!


  • Material:plastic
  • Color:white
  • Length:415mm/185mm (adjustable)
  • Width:265mm
  • Height:85mm/125mm (adjustable)
  • Package Size:330*280*60mm
  • Package Included: 2 shelves . small legs . leg braces . and large legs.


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