Limm Resistance Bands Exercise Loops – ActivPulse

$50.00 $22.99

  • YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL HOME GYM: The five loop bands roll and fit perfectly inside the included carry bag . which can easily be transported in a purse . briefcase or bookbag! The carry bag filled with bands weighs next to nothing . so you’ll never feel like you’re lugging around heavy or bulky equipment. The carry bag securely stays closed with a drawstring . so they’ll stay in place and be easily ready for your workout whenever needed.

  • EFFECTIVE & PORTABLE: Get fit and sculpt a better body anywhere . without the need for expensive gym memberships . exercise equipment or even having to leave your home. The included carry bag makes it easy to take them with you wherever life takes you.

  • FUN & EASY TO USE: Add fun to your workouts and use them . for example . while watching your favorite TV series. As each band has a different resistance . you can increase the intensity of your workout gradually . which makes them perfect for anyone.

  • OUTPERFORM: Each resistance band is made of professional-grade 100% natural latex (TPE free) . is odor-free . elastic . durable and will stay flat even after excessive use. No more issues like pinching your skin . snapping or leaving marks on your clothes.
  • Buy with confidence with our 100% Satisfaction & Lifetime guarantee.


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