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This is one of the best products for all neat freaks ?C your toilet will look spotless! And not only a toilet . but everything you need to clean and make look new again.Without a sweat . you will have everything spotless!

Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning your bathroom and toilet is the work nobody in the house wants to do and you are probably frustrated when you have to do it. If you are using proper products . it doesn’t have to be your nightmare. Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner is here tomake this job easier!

The Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaneris an innovativecleaning package specifically formulated toremove stubborn rusts & stainsaccumulated in thetoilet bowl!

It’s made up ofmagic foam particles . the cleaning powderimmediatelyfoam when encounter water. Providesall-around powerfulcleaning . removing hidden stains . limescale . and rust!

It effectivelyprevents the blockageof drainage withminimal effort . give you aclean and hygienichome environment!

Features :

  • Dissolves stubborn rust . stain . slim and lim scaleeven below the waterline
  • Destroys toilet bowl rings
  • Easy to use intablet form- Just throw it to transform into foam for deep cleaning
  • Deodorizes with fresh scent
  • Safe to touch with hands- 100% Non-irritating

Product Specifications :

  • Package Includes: 1 x Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner
  • Net Weight: 450 g
  • Shelf Year: 3 Years


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