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The Revolutionin Shirt Folding!

You will find folding clothes easy and interesting with this Quick Clothes Folding Board! With this amazing item . you can fold a t-shirt to a uniform size in less than five seconds!It will turn your closets . shelves and drawers into a excellent organization!

This device makes clothes flatter and neater . giving you more room in your closet . drawers and suitcase.It works on any clothes. Use this and you can fold your shirts . garments and laundry . evenly and uniformly all the time. Use this great tool to simplifyyour house chore of laundry folding!


Folds Garment perfectly:Fold all your laundry neatly in uniform size

Time Saving: revolutionary design of the broad enables you to fold any shirts in less than 5 seconds

Reduce static and wrinkle: designed with ventilation holes to reduce static cling and wrinkles for a neat and tidy fold every time.

Universal: suitablefor folding your pants . jeans . shorts . skirts-even towels and sheets!

Study and durable: Made from high quality plastic material that is lightweight but also durable.

Space saver: Not only will you save space in your closet and drawers when all your clothes are folded perfectly . our t-shirt folder also folds up flat for easy space-saving storage.

CollapsibleDesign:To allow hanging folder conveniently on your laundry room wall or back of one door and you can access it whenever you want to use


Material: PP plastic
Colour: blue
Product size: 68 x 57 cm (W x D)
Package size: 32 x 26 x 0.5 cm (W x D x H)
Net weight: 1 kg

Package Contents:

1 x Laundry Folder


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