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Kids not eating their fruits and veggies right?

Maybe they simply just don’t find it appealing enough to eat. Well . the next time you prep those treats . use ourPush&Pop Fruit Shape Cutterinstead. You won’t regret it!

Most kids choose not to eat the fruits and veggies being served to them simply because the appearance of the food platter failed to whet their picky appetites. But . with this fruit-cutting kitchen must-have . there won’t be any boring . unappealing serving of healthy natural snacks anymore. Your kids will love it and so will you!

Here’s why…

  • Create your very own fun-shaped fruits and veggies!
  • Simplypush . pop . and enjoythe sweet . juicy and nutritious natural treats!
  • Healthy . eye-catching snacks you can readily eat in an instant!
  • Includes 6 Shape Cutters?? Circle . Heart . Flower . Butterfly . Sun . and Star
  • Even comes with handy bamboo skewers!Everything you need to make tasty fruit kebabs in a flash!
  • User-Friendly Design?? Use it fast . safe . and super easy. Kids can even use it and you won’t have to worry!
  • Guaranteed Food-Grade Safe and Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to wash and store . too!
  • Also works for bread . cookies . cheese . crackers . and more!
  • Perfect for party delicacies . salads . kebabs . desserts . and side dishes.

Transform every mealtime with healthy and fun-looking food! OurPush&Pop Fruit Shape Cutterwill do a good job at whetting the appetite of anyone. Because who can resist those mouth-watering masterpieces? Yes . most picky eaters won’t even fight off the temptation of that cute-looking platter of fruits and veggies!

So . go ahead and get your favourite produce . push and pop away . and then serve those treats for everyone to enjoy. Salads . kebabs . cute side dishes? Now you can make them all easy peasy!


  • Material: Plastic

  • Package Weight: 254g

  • Carved tool (not including mold): 7cm (diameter) x 11 (H) cm

  • Round mold: 2.5 (diameter) x 9 (H) cm

  • Heart-shaped mold: 3.5 (diameter) x 9 (H) cm

  • Flower-shaped mold: 5.8 (diameter) x 3 (H) cm

  • Butterfly-shaped mold: 4.7 (L) 3 (W) x 3 (H) cm

  • Sun-shaped mold: 4.5 (diameter) x 3 (H) cm

  • Star mode: 3.5 (diameter) x 9 (H) cm


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